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The XML FAQ — Frequently-Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language

Section 4: Developers

Q 4.19: Is there a conformance test suite for XML processors?

Yes, there was:

James Clark has a collection of test cases for testing XML parsers at which includes a conformance test against ‘canonical XML’.

Carmelo Montanez writes:

NIST has developed a number of XSLT/XPath tests, which will be part of the official OASIS XSLT/XPath suite (not yet released). The expected output may be slightly different from one implementation to another. The OASIS XSLT technical committee has a solution for that problem, however our tests do not yet implement such solution. Please forward any comments to

Jon Noring writes:

For those who are interested, I took the current and complete Unicode 3.0 ‘cast’ of characters and their hex codes, and created a simple XML document of it to test XML browsers for Unicode conformity. It is not finished yet — I need to add comments and to fix the display of rtl characters (ie Hebrew, Arabic). It is found at: It is quite large, almost 900K in size, so be prepared. IE5 renders many of the characters in this XML document — and for the ones it does render it appears to do so correctly. I look forward to when Opera will do likewise. I haven't tested the current version of Mozilla/Netscape for Unicode conformity.